Welcome to the fifth edition of the Athens Taikai

17 - 18 June 2017

An international tournament that aims to promote kendo, goodwill and friendship in Greece.

Over the years the Athens Taikai has been fortunate enough to attract fantastic teams and fighters from all over Europe. From national team members through to kyusha. As well as excellent Sensei and very high level referees. Our tournament has three events. A team championship for teams of five players, consisting of pools and knockout rounds for the top two teams from each group. Plus men's and ladies Open events for individuals, following the same format.

In addition to being a great weekend of fantastic kendo, the Athens Taikai also has one extra very special feature. As well beautiful medals, the winners will also receive a holiday at the Aegagros Caldera villas on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. A paradise famous all over the world for its stunning natural beauty, remarkable architecture and villages, and exquisite cuisine. So join us for a chance to share kendo, experience our special Greek Sayonara party, and see the sights in one of Europe's most famous destinations!

High level guests with great experience in international competitions have been invited to referee the matches.


Lorenzo Zago 7th Dan Kyoshi Italy

Detlef Viebranz 7th Dan Kyoshi Germany

Daniel Delepiere 7th Dan Renshi Belgium

Pekka Nurminen 6th Dan Renshi Finland

Christian Filippi 6th Dan Renshi Italy

Fabrizio Mandia 6th Dan Italy


We hope that you can enjoy our wonderful weather, fantastic food, and warm hospitality while practicing one of Japan's oldest martial arts in one of the world's most ancient city's!